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PostSubject: Pwnagededoonerdedagedlingtoned   Wed Aug 08, 2007 6:34 pm

Tonight, was rather fun, and funny at the same time. It started off with the Noobs, Tomtenisse~, Ruby, Diamon, Chaosruler making a trap in goroma, using clocks etc. My friend (lvl 60) died. Me and Dan then went on noob chars to see what was happening. As we almost arrived there, diamond and Tomtenisse IX logged. We carried on and we went into the TP. Tomtenisse III was there, afk (Ruby mcing) and Dan was on a lvl 82 druid so he killed him. We then saw Ruby running into goroma demons so dan logged onto his knight, lvl 82 and followed. I was still on a noob char They then had a trap at the goroma demons, next to the TP. Dan wasnt in any rush to escape, so he let them atk him. However, Ruby must have fired 400(?) sds and healed 200(?) times. I then logged onto Vesica and ran there luring as many Fe's as i could and i also lured 2 demons. I then went into the TP and started spamming exori gran and atking Ruby. Ruby then went out of the TP falling into my trap and dieing to the demons and fe's. Me and dan then targetted a lvl 90(?)Tomte nisse pally that was there, he then went of the the TP as well as Chaosruler (107 rp) and started running. The fe's and demons killed Tomte Nisse but chaos escaped.

some more happened but im tired good night.
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PostSubject: Re: Pwnagededoonerdedagedlingtoned   Thu Aug 09, 2007 2:11 am

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